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J To Go is a free online JHipster wrapper.

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How does it work?

Start the Online Tool and enter your entities, fields and relations. Then just click the GENERATE NOW button and you will get the generated JHipster application code for free download.

When should you use J To Go?

  • If you just want to experiment with a JHipster project.
  • If you need only the default JHipster settings (monolithic application with AngularJS 1, H2 database, Maven build, etc.)
  • If you do not want to set up your environment to generate a basic JHipster application.

When should you use JHipster instead of J To Go?

  • If you need more configuration of the code generator, such as for generating microservices or using other database options.
  • If you want to work seriously with the generated code.

J To Go uses it's own generation templates and therefore it produces not exactly the same output as JHipster. J To Go is neither as powerful nor as stable as JHipster.

When the community will find J To Go useful, it will be refined in the future.

Use J To Go just for easy exploration. After then, when things become serious, delete everything from the generated code except the .yo-rc.json file and the .jhipster folder. Then you can regenerate the project with JHipster: Execute jhipster --force --with-entities and JHipster will regenerate everything and take over control over the project.

Do you want more?

Find J To Go on GitHub: https://github.com/j-to-go
Background of this project: http://www.generjee.com/g2mat.html
Try also the partner project generjee - free online Java EE generator.
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